Innovative Nutrition Based on Science

We Have Been Trusted Nutritional Manufacturers Since 1970. Doctor’s Pride supplements are time tested. As a leader in formulation and natural product production we have outlasted many companies less dedicated to quality. Our mission has always been; Extensive research resulting in products unsurpassed in potency, purity, quality and bioavailability.

Dedicated To Nutritional Innovation. Much of our success can be attributed to the knowledge and commitment of our long time associates, who are dedicated to staying on top of every bit of nutritional research released and to researching the highest quality raw materials available.

Our Supplements Are Premium Quality. Each batch produced must strictly conform to our rigorous product specifications. Every raw material comes from only the finest sources and are inspected both prior to and subsequent to production runs. Every ingredient is selected with painstaking care so that we can guarantee label potencies and maximum absorption. We also guarantee that you will find NO artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, and sweeteners unless clearly stated on our labels.

Our Production Facilities Are GMP Certified. Our products are produced in pristine facilities that often exceed GMP requirements. Standard Operating Procedures are in place to insure that products are produced and packaged properly and to the utmost highest standards.

We Offer A Complete Product Line. We have the knowledge and expertise to produce many products that will improve your patient’s health. Our strong focus on research keeps us on the leading edge of new discoveries as well as newly innovated manufacturing processes.